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Our Hair

Glamlox Hair Extensions supplies only the highest quality Russian / Mongolian 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions at affordable prices. We have over 10 years experience in the hair industry and have carefully sourced our hair from reputable suppliers from all around the world. We only stock hair that has been thoroughly tested for a minimum of 1 year and supply salons and professional technicians all over the UK.

Our hair:

  • Is slowly depigmented meaning hair retains quality and cuticles intact
  • Goes through a slower colouring process using eco-friendly materials
  • Goes through a long processing time
  • Is made using Keratin Bonds
  • Is tangle & Shedding free
  • Blends naturally with most hair types
  • Is Durable, Reusable, Long Lasting

Our Hair has gone through gentle processing using no harsh chemicals or acid baths and is ethically sourced only from young donors. Our hair is of the highest professional salon quality you won't find anywhere else.