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After Care Guide

Before Washing

  • Brush your hair and remove any tangles.

    Washing Your Hair Extensions

    • Wash your Hair Extensions only 2-3 times a week.
    • Only use shampoo and conditioning products suitable for Hair Extensions.
    • Always wash your Hair Extensions with your head upright.
    • Do not apply conditioner to the Hair Extension bonds as this will cause slippage.
    • Do not vigorously rub the Hair Extensions, instead use a stroking motion.

    Styling Your Hair Extensions

    • When brushing, use a brush suitable for Hair Extensions.
    • Remember your Extensions are attached to your natural hair so do not pull too hard or mistreat your Extensions.
    • When brushing the Extensions always hold the bonds, so there is no stress put on the hair.
    • Straightening Irons and Heater Rollers can be used.
    • We do not recommend colouring or toning hair extensions.


    • Wear a cap when swimming or keep your Hair Extensions out of the water as the chlorine can cause your Extensions to tangle, matt etc.


    • Never sleep with wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go sleep.
    • Plait your hair before you go sleep.