How To Choose Authentic Remy Hair Extensions

No matter if you’re a novice to wearing Remy hair extensions or a seasoned pro, the task of choosing the right high quality hair extensions can be daunting. There are a number of hair extension suppliers on the market, and many of these retailers claim that their hair is authentic virgin Remy hair. A lot of these suppliers are passing off Remy hair extensions as “virgin” or “natural,” when the truth is the hair they are selling is animal hair, or has been significantly chemically processed. So what’s a beauty maven to do? Read on to learn three tips on how you can choose authentic Remy hair extensions.

Check For Hair Cuticles

Inspecting the details of your hair extensions is key whenever you are purchasing Remy hair. The first thing you should look for is whether or not your Remy hair extensions have hair cuticles. This is something that a real human would have, so it should absolutely still be noticeable on the hair. In order to check for hair cuticles, slide your fingers up and down the hair shaft. Whilst moving your fingers in a downward motion, the hair should feel smooth. Conversely, if you were to move your fingers going upwards, in the opposite direction, then there should be some resistance. The resistance that you’re feeling means that the natural cuticle layer is still present.

Can It Be Dyed

You should be able to dye any Remy human hair. If you try to dye your hair extensions, and it doesn’t change colour, then you know for a fact that it isn’t real. What else should you look for during the colour process? If you attempt to dye your hair extensions, and the hair becomes tangled or frizzy from the process, this is a clear sign that you haven’t purchased authentic Remy hair extensions. You also want to make note of the colour that your hair changes to once you dye it. For example, if your hair is blonde, and during the dye process, it turns into a grey or green hue, then you know that this not real virgin human hair.

Look For Colour/Texture Non-Uniformity

Every human being has their own hair with it’s own texture, curl pattern and gradient. Therefore, the colour and texture will never be the same throughout. Someone with blonde hair will never have one shade of blonde throughout their whole entire hair. You will see hints of varying shades of blonde dispersed throughout. So when you are inspecting your hair extensions, be sure to look for mismatch of texture and colour. You want to see non-uniformity in your Remy human hair extensions. Look at your hair bundle, if you see that it’s all the same colour, then you do not possess real authentic virgin hair. Additionally, check for multiple textures. This step is particularly important if you are purchasing curly hair extensions. Some women with curly hair can have up to three different textures on their head. The lower half of the hair may be slightly looser than the middle portion. You’ll know you have a winning hair bundle if you see some irregularity in texture throughout.

These are just a few facts to know if you’re purchasing real Remy human hair extensions. Buying human hair extensions can be quite the financial investment, so make sure you choose wisely. Glamlox offers only the highest quality 100% Remy hair extensions at affordable prices. We’d love to help you with your hair needs. Happy shopping.

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