3 Reasons Why Cheap Hair Extensions Are More Expensive Than You Think

Let’s talk about a scenario we’ve seen far too often. You’re on the hunt for the perfect Remy hair extensions, maybe you’re on a tight budget or maybe you’re just looking for the best deal available, so what’s the first thing you do? Hit Google and search for the most affordable hair extensions suppliers available. In your mind you’re thinking you’ve done all your homework: Only buy 100% Remy Hair, make sure it’s 100% human hair extensions, and even check for things like are the extensions weft hair extensions, or pre bonded hair extensions. You do everything you’re supposed to when it all comes down to two companies. One selling the exact Russian Hair Extensions you were looking for at a quarter of the price as the other. Before you add the cheap ones to your cart, wait! What if we told you that those cheap hair extensions aren’t really cheap at all?


1. Cheap hair extensions are bad quality and will cost more over the course of the installation. Sure, the hair looks great, feels great, installs well and makes you look as fabulous as your favorite Instagram celeb…at first. The reality is, high quality hair extensions are going to cost, so anything that doesn’t. Well, you get what you pay for. After a few days, cheap hair extensions will become rough, frizzy, tangled, and even start falling out. After a week or two, and sometimes even sooner, you’ll find yourself with a completely different set of extensions than you when you first installed them. So what do you do? You spend money on fancy hair extension shampoos and conditioners, take a trip to your stylist to see if she can revive your extensions, you might even purchase an extra bundle to add some volume and back to the extensions. The point is, you’re spending money on top of what you’ve already paid just to get your hair extensions to look okay at best.

2. Cheap hair extensions don’t last as long and you’ll wind up replacing them faster. Let’s face it, even the cheapest hair extensions are still going to cost you something. If you’re spending your money on anything, the last thing you want to do is turn around and buy a replacement soon after your purchase. When you buy high quality human hair extensions, they can last for months. You can wash them, reinstall them, and they still look as good as when you first bought them. Cheap hair extensions are the complete opposite. Even if you spend money trying to revive them, you’ll still find yourself replacing them sooner than later and more frequently. Oh, and don’t forget you’ll have to pay for new installation each time you replace them as well!

3. Cheap hair extensions can be difficult to style resulting in wasted time and money trying to achieve an impossible look. When you’re spending your hard earned money on hair extensions, you want to be able to style them however you choose. Unfortunately, with cheap hair extensions, they are normally coated with chemicals and silicones that make them rough and stringy to the touch making it extremely difficult to style. Washing them will make them worse. Drying them is a bad idea. And heading to your stylist for help is a lost cause. They also aren’t human hair extensions or remy hair extensions, no matter how they are advertised, so you typically won’t be able to dye them, putting just another limit on your styling options. By the time you’re done spending money on styling tools and visits to the salon, it’s time to replace your cheap extensions, and the cycle continues.

Bottom line is, we get it, good hair extensions cost a pretty penny but we promise it’s worth it and costs less in the end. Getting quality hair extensions that will last like Glamlox extensions will save you time, money, and frustration. Not to mention, you’ll look fab!

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